About Us

Hi, I’m Jamie, and I started this site because I’ve been there done that. And by THAT, I mean yoyo and fad diets.

Unlike a lot of people I see starting sites for people who want to lose weight, I wasn’t overweight all my life. In fact, I was downright skinny. Even in college when I gained the “freshman 15” I wasn’t fat. Sure, people noticed, because suddenly I had meat on my bones.

All my life I never needed to lose more than 5 or 10 pounds. Then I turned 40. That’s when it all changed. And let me tell you, after 40 years of eating whatever I wanted, dieting wasn’t for me. I’d never been hungry a day in my life. Not even when I was a starving college student living in a house with three roommates. I happened to work in a restaurant in college and got a free meal with each shift I worked as one of my benefits.

Okay, I digress. Forty hit, and I quickly went from 10 pounds overweight to 50. That’s right, fifty freaking pounds. I tried a few programs with moderate success, but I never quite seemed to stick with anything long enough to get to my goal weight.

Then along came this thing called low carb, high fat diets. Whoa. No way, I was watching my cholesterol and blood pressure (hereditary), so that wouldn’t work. But they told me I wouldn’t be deprived. And since I was working over 100 hours a week at the time, I decided to give it a try.

I lost 30 pounds in two months and kept the weight off for almost seven years. That’s right, seven years.

Why did I gain it back? No excuses. I stopped weighing myself regularly, had surgery, and the lack of female hormones wreaked havoc with my body. I knew what was happening, and I didn’t care.

Fast forward. I got bucked off a young horse I was riding and it hit me. I’m freaking fat. If I’d been down to my goal weight after the last time I ate low carb/high fat, I’d have been 50 pounds lighter and I’ve have been fit enough to stay on the sucker. So I took a good look at myself, my health, and my lifestyle.

In college, I majored in Human Performance (Exercise Physiology), with a minor in Nutrition, so I knew how to do this. I just needed to look within and do it.

I have a family history of heart attack and stroke, and somehow, I was like a smoker; denying my habits were killing me. So I jumped on the low carb/high fat bandwagon again. Only this time, I did it my way. I still work long hours, so I needed something easy, that didn’t require lots of logging and tracking, and something I knew I could make a lifestyle out of. So I set up my own program and got on my way to losing that 50 pounds.

I’m sharing my recipes and tips to help you. I know you want to live a good, long life, and be fit and healthy in the process. You want to be 90 years old and feel like you’re sixty. Well, there’s no time like the present to get started.

If you want help, our meal plan program will help you get on track and stay on track, and you can get a 7-day FREE trial to see if it works for you.